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Emerges as the Next Generation Manufacturer for Dry Blocks, Dry Well and Liquid Baths. Our complete lines of models have very attractive features and capabilities which have never been seen before in any other industrial Dry Blocks, Dry Well and Liquid Baths.

INSCO is the only company in the market to have designed a multi-well dry block calibration system to cover the temperature range from -90°C to 400°C known as 3 in 1. This unit eases the tasks for instrumentation and metrology departments in performing various calibrations simultaneously in this complete range using its three wells positioned in this single unit.

In addition, INSCO has launched its newest dry block, dry Well unit which is capable of achieving -95°C in as little as 55 minutes. What's more exhilarating is that the user can change the settings for different values in minimum time. This remarkable unit is known as Model 787. Welcome to a whole new world for accurate, fast and stable industrial temperature technology!



INSCO also develops custom made units built to the client needs, this feature helps the customer achieve their goals saving time and money with their specific temperature needs.



INSCO offers a broad range of temperature baths for rent in terms of weeks and months for further details and arrangements. INSCO is a company with over 35 years of EXPERIENCE in process control, instrumentation, electric engineering, maintenance, installation and calibration services.

We manufacture high quality CALIBRATION WEIGHTS from 1mg to 50kg in all classes from E1 to M3 in OIML, from 0 to 7 in ASTM and NIST F. We also manufacture custom made weights and offer weight calibration services to assure highest standards of measurement quality. We offer CALIBRATION AND CERTIFICATION services in temperature, humidity, electronic, pressure, mechanical, flow, micropipettes and mass.

We have accredited laboratories for certification and calibration services in the USA, Mexico and Puerto Rico which comply with the ISO 17025, ISO 10012, ANSI Z540 regulations and among other international regulations. Equipped with fully automatic comparators, our laboratories are known for accredited calibration services.