AM1730 Secondary Reference PRT


  • Affordable reference probe
  • Accuracy ±0.015 °C at 0.01 °C
  • Temperature range: -200 °C to 420 °C
  • Customized dimensions available



AM1730 series Secondary Reference PRT provides our customers an affordable reference probe for precision temperature measurement and calibration in labs and fields. The PRT features accuracy of ±0.015°C, short term stability of ±0.007°C.  Two different lengths of PRTs are available at 9-inch and 12-inch.   
To reach the best performance in stability and repeatability, the sensing element is specially designed to protect the platinum sensing wire from contamination at high temperature. A unique support structure and filling material provide the best balance among the hysteresis effect, mechanical shock and thermal shock performance. This high performance probe meets ITS-90 criteria of reference thermometer fully.


  • Temperature range: -200 °C to 420 °C
  • Accuracy: ±0.015 °C
  • Long term drift: ±0.01 °C
  • Short term stability: 0.007 °C
  • Durable and shock resistance
  • Temperature Coefficient 0.003925
  • W(Ga)>=1.11807
  • Inconeltm sheath
  • Customized dimensions available


Temperature Range
1730-12: -200°C to 420°C
1730-9: -60°C to 300°C
Resistance at 0 °C
Nominal 100 Ω
Temperature Coefficient
0.003925 Ω/ Ω/°C
±0.025°C at -196 °C
±0.015°C at 0.01 °C
±0.035°C at 420 °C
±0.01°C at 0 °C after 100 hours at 420 °C
Short Term Stability
Thermal Shock
±0.005°C after 10 times thermal cycles from minimum to maximum temperatures
50 mW/°C
Response Time
9 seconds for 63% response to step change in water moving at 3 feet per second
Measurement Current
0.5 mA or 1 mA
Sensor Length
32 mm
Sensor Location
5 mm from tip
Insulation Resistance
>1000 MΩ at room temperature
Sheath Material
 1730-12: 0.25 inch X 12 inch (6.35 mm X 309 mm)
1730-9: 0.187 inch X 9 inch (4.75 mm X 229 mm)
External Leads
Teflontm –insulated copper wire, 4 leads, 2.5 meters
Handle Dimension
1730-12: 15mm (OD) x 65mm (L)
1730-9: 10mm (OD) X 50 mm (L)
Handle Temperature Range*
-50°C to 180°C
Calibration Options
1730-12-T, PRT with NIST traceable calibration and data
1730-9-T, PRT with NIST traceable calibration and data
NVLAP - Accredited Calibrations available per request

Optional Accessories

Carrying Case

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