Model 780 High Accuracy Multi-Well Calibration System


INSCO has developed the Ultimate Calibration Machine. Our 780 Model, also known as the “3 in 1” enables calibration labs to perform test at 3 different set points simultaneously with a single dry block.



  • Triple high accuracy wells; low, medium and high temperature ( -90° C to 400° C ), No liquid required.
  • Dual compressors for very low temperature control.
  • As many as three independently controlled metrology wells in each cabinet
  • Cooling from ambient to -90° C in less than 40 minutes.
  • Lowest temperature in dry well blocks in the market (-90° C ) which are three time faster than liquid bath and better stability in the low range.
  • Three independent wells with ranges Low range -90° C to –30° C Medium range -40° C to 60° C High range 40° C to –400° C
  • Temperature metrology wells permit calibration of RTDs, thermocouples and any othertemperature sensors at three different controlled temperature.
  • Ideally suited for metrology laboratories and instrumentation departments. Reduce the cost instruments and sensors calibration and increase your productivity.
  • Most productive unit in the market (calibration of various instruments simultaneously).
  • All stainless steel cabinet construction, rugged compressors assembly, easy maintenance design.

























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